When it comes to the security of your payment information, our system ensures top-notch protection through trusted, industry-leading payment processors.

Square for intakeQ EHR Bookings:

For bookings made via the intakeQ EHR, we utilize Square, a leader in secure payment processing online. All financial information is maintained and secured by this national payment processor. We never store any personal financial information ourselves, relying on Square’s robust security measures to keep your data safe.

Stripe for Kiwi EHR Bookings:

For bookings made via our Kiwi EHR, we use Stripe, another industry-leading payment processor known for its stringent security protocols. Stripe handles and secures all your financial information, ensuring that your payment data is protected to the highest standards. Like with Square, we do not store any personal financial information ourselves.

Both Square and Stripe are trusted by millions of businesses worldwide for their exceptional security practices. By leveraging these platforms, we ensure that your payment information is safe and secure, regardless of which EHR system you use for booking.