If a provider prescribed you medication and sent it to your local pharmacy, it may take more than two hours to be processed by the pharmacy and ready for you. We suggest you always call your pharmacy to make sure it is ready for pick up. 

If it has been more than 72 hours since your date of service, you have called the pharmacy and they do not have your prescription, please message your provider in the patient portal and inform them of the issue. They will be able to check the prescription and provide feedback to help resolve the issue. 

If you require further assistance, please contact patientsupport@helloklarity.com Our team is here to help facilitate communication between you and the provider in order to resolve the prescription issue and/or provide alternative solutions.

*Please note that each practice operates separately and is not affiliated with Klarity in an employment capacity or with another practice on the platform. As a result, only the respective prescribing healthcare provider has the authority to address and resolve any concerns related to prescriptions. It is important to understand that our customer support team does not have the medical or prescribing authority required to resolve prescription issues via email support. We appreciate your understanding of this limitation and suggest that you always contact your healthcare provider directly for assistance with any prescription-related matters first.