The EKG must be performed by an approved health care provider, (Medical Doctor, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner). Personal smart device readings such as Apple Watch and Fitbit are not accepted as they are not FDA approved. EKGs performed by a health care professional within the past 12-24 months are accepted. 

In the event you are unable to do this in a medical office setting, generally, the medical provider can provide a referral to have one done. Alternatively, the resource below that has been approved by providers. This is a quick, affordable way to obtain the EKG needed to begin a treatment plan with some providers. 


1. KARDIA MOBILE has a personal device that you can purchase. It is acceptable as it is an FDA-approved personal EKG device. Will need to purchase the "6 LEAD" version. (There are no financial ties or affiliation between providers, Klarity, and Kardia Mobile)

Link for reference: Kardia Mobile 6 Lead Personal EKG Device 

2. If you purchase the Kardia Mobile device, the 6 lead is the device you will need. Once you record your personal 6 lead EKG, you need to send it to them for review and reading. A board-certified cardiologist will review your EKG and send you back a report. You can either sign up for their monthly option or pay a one-time fee of 25.00 for the read and report. 

3. Once you get the report back, upload it to your portal.

4. The provider will also need the most recent blood pressure reading.

5. If you do not have the EKG by the first appointment that is perfectly understandable. The initial evaluation can still be done and you can submit it at a later date. If you meet the criteria for ongoing medication management your script will be sent in as soon as the EKG is verified.