Typically once a provider writes a prescription, it will be electronically sent to the pharmacy of your choice. Depending on the pharmacy's operating hours, policies, and usual turnaround times, you can expect anywhere from a 1 to 7 business day(s) waiting period. We highly recommend using a trusted pharmacy in your nearby area that can fill your prescriptions quickly and reliably.  

Please note there is a nationwide shortage of certain medications and the possibility of it being low stock is high. Please work with your provider to determine the best treatment option and pharmacy. 

The Klarity customer support team does not have information on the status of medication prescriptions or whereabouts. It is best to contact your pharmacy and ask if there is an issue in receiving or processing the prescription. If they confirm there is, please inform your provider via message in the portal so they may further assist you. If you need further assistance, please email patientsupport@helloklarity.com so we can contact the provider on your behalf and make sure your concerns are addressed. 

All professional services are provided by independent private practices via the Klarity technology platform. Klarity does not provide any medical services.