Providers listen and review your medical history carefully to make sure you'll be matched with the most effective medication and dosage based on your current health conditions. It typically depends on the specific situation and the medication you are taking. If you have an ongoing prescription from another doctor, your new healthcare provider may be able to continue prescribing the medication if they feel it is appropriate for your condition and you are tolerating it well.

However, the new healthcare provider will perform an initial evaluation or assessment to verify the medication's necessity and appropriateness for you before making their decision. They may also want to review your medical history, including any previous lab results or diagnostic tests, to make sure the medication isn't causing any harm and is still the most effective option for you. They will take all of this information into account when they craft your personalized treatment plan. Your provider will help determine whether or not continuing your previous treatment plan is still a good fit for you.

It's always best to inform your new healthcare provider about any medications you are currently taking, including those prescribed by other doctors, so they can review and provide appropriate recommendations or adjust your medication regimen accordingly. We encourage you to share as much information as possible about your experience with medications during your visit with your provider.

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